Concordia captain reportedly admits to mistake on flight from Vancouver to Toronto

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Concordia captain reportedly admits to mistake on flight from Vancouver to Toronto

Hearing of report led to flight cancellations - the airline

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson says the allegations of discrimination by the airline are unacceptable

An online forum has erupted in controversy after it came to light that a Concordia captain had been reprimanded by his boss for an on-board error that led to the flight from Vancouver to Toronto being cancelled.

The incident occurred when passenger Justin Siew, who suffers from a rare, genetic disorder that makes it more likely his bladder and bowel can't pass urine, was denied access to a restroom at the last-minute departure.

Hearing of the report led to flight cancellations at least once over the past two months at Concordia.

An online forum, which has now become a massive online hub for the story, has been gathering support for Mr Siew, and some commenters have expressed their support for the captain and the flight.

However, the Concordia CEO, Brian O'Conley, has denied the reports of discrimination.

According to Mr O'Conley, the flight captain had had "multiple communication efforts" in place for the final leg of the flight before the flight from Vancouver. In one of the efforts, a Concordia crew member to바카라ld a passenger to sit up, as he looked up at a chair. The captain told him to move back down, according to the CEO, and then the crew member ordered the passenger to stand up again.

Mr O'Conley told The Canadian Press in a phone interview Monday that he initially believed the captain may have been confused by the new configuration, but has since made up his mind that the decision to deny the seat was his.

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Concordia spokesperson Julie Chisholm said the airline was aware of the incident. Mr O'Conley did not immediately respond to a request for an interview.

Mr Robertson, who is also a Concordia CEO, did not respond to multiple email requests 바카라for comment.

Concordia flight information screeners told passengers they could have a seat on board if they "did not change the seat configuration," according to one online post.

The post continues to have more than 4,500 comments. However, several individuals have said they were not affected by the flight cancellations.

The Canadian Press reports that the flight was scheduled to leave Toronto's Pearson Airport around 11 a.m. E

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